Richmond Law students and graduates combine an understanding of legal theory and the practical knowledge to apply what they have learned in the classroom to real-world problems with collegiality and professionalism. Whether you are seeking candidates for post-graduate, summer or school-year positions, the Career Development Office (CDO) at Richmond Law can help you fulfill your hiring needs. Connecting with our students is easy. We can customize a campus recruiting strategy for you, and our services are free of charge. Please contact us at (804) 289-8638 or kosterbi@richmond.edu. We are here to help.

Richmond Law Summer/Fall On-Campus Interview (OCI) Program Begins on July 31, 2023

Registration Now Open!

Richmond Law students offer outstanding credentials, diverse backgrounds, exceptional professional skills, and broad geographic interests. The program allows 100% pre-screening of candidates and is available at no charge. 

Whether you are looking for second-year students for 2024 summer internships or third-year students to start entry-level attorney positions in the fall of 2024, registration is now open for our 2023 Program. We offer three recruiting options: 

  • In-Person Interviews
  • Virtual Interviews
  • Resume Collection Requests


Week One
Monday, July 31: In-Person
Tuesday, August 1: In-Person
Wednesday, August 2: Virtual
Thursday, August 3:  Virtual

Week Two
Monday, August 7: In-Person
Tuesday, August 8: In-Person
Wednesday, August 9: Virtual
Thursday, August 10: Virtual

Week Three
Monday, August 14: In-Person
Tuesday, August 15: In-Person
Wednesday, August 16: Virtual
Thursday, August 17: Virtual

Week Four
Tuesday, September 5: In-Person
Wednesday, September 6: Virtual
Thursday, September 7: Virtual

Week Five
Monday, September 11: In-Person
Tuesday, September 12: In-Person
Wednesday, September 13: Virtual
Thursday, September 14: Virtual

In addition to the preset dates above, we would be delighted to discuss other fall dates that might fit your recruiting needs better.

Reservations can be arranged in any of the following ways:

  • Schedule through the LawQuest website,
  • Complete the recruitment form (save to desktop first) and return to the CDO, or
  • Contact the CDO at (804) 289-8680 to coordinate your participation.

Job Postings

If it is more convenient for you, we encourage you to submit job postings in the LawQuest website, our online job listing service. Job postings are accessible to current students and alumni and always free of charge. 

We look forward to working with you.