Courses of Study

University of Richmond School of Law offers upper-level courses in a wide array of different subject areas. Students are encouraged to take courses from a number of areas to get broad exposure to the law. The courses of study below are designed to help students who have begun to focus on one or more specific practice areas. These courses of study describe opportunities in each area, including courses, clinical options, and dual degree programs. These courses of study are not formal programs that students must follow. They are simply guides to help students chart their path at Richmond Law.

These courses of study are only examples of the academic opportunities available at Richmond Law. Students should look through the full list of courses at the law school and chart the path that most interests them. Many students will find that their interests relate to several courses of study. For example, a student interested in entertainment law should take specialized courses in this area, as well as courses in intellectual property, corporate law, and contract drafting. Students interested in health law should take specialized courses on this topic, as well as courses in administrative law, corporate law, and employment law. The courses of study are accordingly a starting place for students seeking to map out their curricular path, and students are encouraged to consult faculty members for more individualized advice.