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Audio Case Files offers downloadable (.mp3) spoken versions of many opinions taught in popular casebooks, including Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Contracts, Corporations, Criminal Law, Evidence, Property Law, and Torts casebooks. To register for a free account, you must have and use a valid "" e-mail address.

    Computer Assisted Legal Instruction for Students

    The Center for Computer Assisted Legal Instruction (CALI) provides more than 300 interactive lessons and tutorials to help students understand the law. Click on the CALI logo to download these resources or to access them online. 

    Access to CALI materials requires an individual CALI login, which is only available to law school faculty and students via the law library's CALI membership

      LexisNexis, Westlaw, Bloomberg Law, and Fastcase

      The law school provides access to LexisNexis, Westlaw, Bloomberg Law, and Fastcase for students, faculty and staff.

      Contractual limitations imposed on law schools by LexisNexis, Westlaw, and Bloomberg Law limit access to these systems to current law students, law faculty, and library personnel. Public users have access to a limited version of Westlaw and the academic version of LexisNexis via the public access terminal located on the first floor in the reference area.

      Librarians provide training in computer-assisted research to all first year students as part of their Lawyering Skills course. Upper-class students in need of advanced training should contact the deputy director concerning the possibility of special sessions or attend a scheduled Westlaw, Bloomberg Law, and LexisNexis training session.

      Fastcase offers access to a computer-assisted research system that has been selected by the Virginia State Bar and bar associations in other states as a research service for attorneys licensed in those states.

        Multimedia Services

        The Law Library's multimedia services staff supports classroom technology needs for Law School events & activities.

        A list of available equipment and capabilities for Law School classrooms is available.

        In addition to providing training and support for multimedia equipment installed in the Law School classrooms, Multimedia Services also provides these services:

        • Video recording and video production (for DVDs and online streaming);
        • Skype and videoconferencing support for meetings, job interviews, long distance teaching and guest speakers;
        • Training and support for Turning Technologies polling software;
        • Courtroom technology, including use of Sanction software for digital evidence display;  and
        • Projector and screen displays, microphone and portable PA systems, and other custom AV setups can also be provided in spaces not already containing this equipment.
        Print Credits

        Full-time law students will be credited with 400 print credits at the beginning of each semester.  Law students also receive 100 print credits to be used in other computer labs on campus.

        Additional print credits can be purchased online using a Spidercard.

        The cost is $ .05 per page. If you use cash to purchase print credits, you cannot purchase fewer than 20 print credits.

        Law print credits cumulate from the beginning of your first semester in Law School through your last semester at the Law School. Unused print credits are non-refundable.

        Conference attendees and other guests of the Law School may receive a guest account to use the Law School computer lab, but these accounts do not include print credits.

        The print credits policy at other campus buildings and labs differs from the policy at the Law Library. See print credit information at other campus buildings and labs.