Registration Process

The registration process is straightforward, two-step process. In the spring of every academic year, the Dean's Office posts the schedule of course for the both the fall and spring semesters of the coming academic year. Then, on a date in April, students register for the courses of their choice on BannerWeb.  The University Registrar has many helpful video tutorials on the process, but to simplify, here are the key steps: 


Step 1: Collect your CRNs

A CRN — or a "course registration number" — is a unique five-digit number assigned to every course. These numbers can only be found on the BannerWeb schedule.


Step 2: Register for your Courses

On the designated registration days (which will be announced by the Dean's Office each spring):

  • Log into BannerWeb (don’t forget about DUO if you’re off campus).
  • Click on Student Services, and then click on Add/Drop Classes.
  • Use your CRNs to register for classes. Register first for the courses that you think may fill up (remember, other students are registering at the same time)


Additional Information

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  • Departmental Approval Required
    As you collect your CRNs on Bannerweb, you will note that some courses have a notation stating "Departmental Approval Required." What this notation means is students cannot register for the course unless they have permission from the instructor. If you want to enroll in this course, you should contact the instructor and, if you are approved to take the class, the instructor will instruct the Dean’s Office to enroll you. Thus, if you are approve for a "Departmental Approval" course, you won’t need to personally register for the course.
  • Add/Drop Deadline
    If you change your mind after registering, that’s no problem. Registration will remain open through the Add/Drop deadline, which is 5pm on second Friday of each semester. So if you decide over the summer — or even into the beginning a semester — that you’d like to change your courses around, you can go back to BannerWeb and change them.
  • Waitlists

    A few of our courses fill up in the initial rush of registration. Spots often open up as students continue to adjust their schedules or the Dean’s Office finds a larger room for the course. To get into a course when a spot opens up, you need to make sure you join the waiting list.

    • To join a waitlist for a course, select the Wait Listing (WL) option in BannerWeb. You must click on the action box “Waitlist” to commit your name to the waitlist. (In the past, we have had students assume they were on the waitlist, but they had not actually selected the WL option.)
    • Once a class has a waitlist, its enrollment is handled by an automatic system that will alert you if a spot opens up for you. So if you are waitlisted in a class and see a spot become available, do not try to register for it via BannerWeb—you will lose your spot on the list! Instead, wait to be contacted via automatic email from Banner, and follow the email’s instructions. You must take action within 12 hours of receiving the email or you will lose your spot in the class.
    • Although the maximum number of credits you can take in a single semester is 17, you can join as many waitlists as you want. If you receive an invitation to join a class off the waitlist, keep in mind that you may need to drop a class so that you have room to add the new class.
    • For more information on waitlists, check out the University Registrar’s website.
  • Holds
    As the registration dates approach, make sure that there are no holds on your account. If you have a hold on your university account (often because tuition or other money is owed), you will not be able to register. So make sure to log onto BannerWeb well before registration opens and double check this.