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Jonathan K. Stubbs

Professor of Law
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    Professor Jonathan Stubbs writes at the intersection of race and civil rights, and teaches a variety of courses, including constitutional law, human rights law, race, religion and the law, and professional responsibility. Professor Stubbs has authored several commentaries and tributes to the late Oliver Hill, including the book, Brown, The Big Bang and Beyond: The Life Story of Oliver W. Hill, Sr., now in its second edition. In 2012, Professor Stubbs organized and accompanied students on a trip to Ghana to experience first-hand the culture and connection between race and human rights.

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    • Presentations

      Presenter, "Protecting Freedom of Press against Twenty First American Autocracts," First Amendment: Marketplace Morass: Free Speech Jurisprudence and Its Interactions with Social Justice, William and Mary Journal of Race, Gender and Social Justice (February 2020)

      "Professionalism in Action: Lessons learned from the lives of Oliver W. Hill, Esq. and Hon. Henry L. Marsh, III, Esq. ," From the Schoolhouse to the Courthouse: Lessons from the Professors, Old Dominion Bar Association and the University of Richmond School of Law (February 2020)

      Presenter, "The Ripple Effects of Gideon: Recognizing the Human Right to Legal Counsel in Civil Adversarial Proceedings," Conversations on the Warren Court's Impact on Criminal Law after 50 Years, Stetson Law Review (April 2019)

      Panelist, "URVA is for Lovers: A Conversation about Law, Love, Desire, and Consent," University of Richmond (November 2016)

      Panelist, "Community Engagement in Building Trust in the Criminal Justice System," National Consortium on Racial and Ethnic Fairness in the Courts, Williamsburg, Va., (May 2016)

    • Memberships

      Member, Life-Line Minsitries, Inc., Old Dominion Bar Association

    • Professional Experience

      Professor of Law (1995 - present)
      University of Richmond School of Law, Richmond, VA

      Associate Professor of Law (1992 - 1995)
      University of Richmond School of Law, Richmond, VA

      Assistant Professor of Law (1989 - 1992)
      University of Richmond School of Law, Richmond, VA

      Attorney (1988 - 1989)
      (Solo Practitioner), Gloucester, VA

      Attorney (1986 - 1988)
      Blayton, Allen & Associates, Hampton, VA

      Visiting Professor of Law (1986 - 1986)
      Howard University School of Law, Washington, DC

      Assistant Solicitor (1981 - 1984)
      City of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA

      Law Clerk to the Honorable James T. Giles (1980 - 1981)
      United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania

  • Publications

    Denial or Rebirth: Essays on Racial (In)Justice in America (Twelve Tables Press) (with Oliver Hill) (2019).

    The Memoirs of Hon. Henry L. Marsh, III: Civil Rights Champion, Public Servant, Lawyer (GrantHouse Publishers) (Danielle Wingfield-Smith) (with Hon. Henry Marsh III) (2018).

    The Memoirs of Hon Henry L. Marsh, III: Civil Rights Champion, Public Servant, Lawyer (GrantHouse Publishers) (Danielle Wingfield) (February 2018).

    Out of the Boat: Trusting God in the Midst of Life's Storms (Empire Publishers) (2013).

    White (Mostly Male) Affirmative Action: From Denial to Redemption and Reconciliation (Oliver Hill) (2011).

    Journal Articles

    Reflections on a Law Teaching Career as the Curtain Closes Only to Open Again, AALS Contributions 43 Journal of the Legal Profession 357 (2019).

    Modern "Sappers and Miners": The Rehnquist and Roberts Courts and the Civil Rights Act of 1964, 18 Richmond Journal of Law and the Public Interest 461 (2015).

    The Bottom Rung of America's Race Ladder: After the September 11 Catastrophe Are American Muslims Becoming America's New N....S, 19 Journal of Law and Religion 115 (2004).

    The Secret Journal of Sister Jess: A True Story in Honor of Oliver W. Hill, Sr., Esq., 6 Widener Law Symposium Journal 1 (2000).

    Perceptual Prisms and Racial Realism: The Good News about a Bad Situation, 45 Mercer Law Review 773 (1994).

    Persuading Thy Neighbor to Be as Thyself: Constitutional Limits on Evangelism in the United States and India, 12 UCLA Pacific Basin Law Journal 360 (1994).

    "Brother", 27 University of Richmond Law Review 425 (1993).

    Lawyer Competence: Perceptual Prisms, Self-Scrutiny, and the Looking Glass, 18 Journal of the Legal Profession 233 (1993).

    Protecting the Right to Live in Isaiah's Brave New World, 18 Brooklyn Journal of International Law 415 (1992).

    Magazines/Trade Publications

    A Demographic Snapshot of America's Federal Judiciary: A Prima Facie Case for Change, National Association of Appellate Court Attorneys (NAACA) News 4 (February 2011).

    Why America Still Needs Affirmative Action, 57 Virginia Lawyer 18 (October 2008).

    America's Enduring Legacy: Segregated Housing and Segregated Schools, 6 Minority Trial Lawyer (American Bar Association) (Winter 2008).

    Tribute in Honor of Oliver W. Hill, Esq., National Association of Appellate Court Attorneys 18 (October 2007).

    Newspaper Articles

    Washington Walks a Tightrope in Uganda, The Bay State Banner (with Charles Oggletree) (July 2011).