Event Planning Information

We invite you to use the links below to explore upcoming events at Richmond Law, or to plan your law school event. For a more detailed guide to planning events, please refer to our Student Organization Handbook.

If you have any questions, please contact the Events & Communications Manager (Mary Ruth Walters) at mwalters@richmond.edu.

  • Scheduling Your Event

    For every event, the very first steps to take are (1) choosing a date & securing a room, (2) checking your organization’s budget to confirm that the event is part of the approved budget, and (3) for events involving guests, notify the Events & Communications Manager as early as possible so the Dean’s Office can assist with scheduling and other logistics. It is extremely important to complete these three steps prior to planning any other details pertaining to your event.

    Finding a Date

    To minimize double booking, competing events, and low turnout, consult the Events Calendar. Consider other events that may have an impact on your event, such as events competing for the same audience, campus-wide events, and major holidays.

    Request a Room/Event Space

    Once you’ve determined a date for your event, you may request a room via the EMS/Centralized Scheduling Service. After this form is submitted, your request will be reviewed. It is important to remember that your event is not confirmed until you have received a room request confirmation.

  • Finances & Budgeting

    Prior to planning any event, you are expected to check your organization’s budget to confirm that the event is part of the approved budget. You should also create a detailed budget and list expenses for all elements of your event, such as marketing, printing, speaker fees, transportation, lodging/accommodations, food, entertainment, taxes, service charges, audiovisual equipment, and production costs.

  • Publicity & Communications

    Publicizing Your Event Online

    Events can be promoted through the Online Events Calendar and The Docket. The Docket is an email newsletter distributed each Sunday evening and Thursday morning that contains a list of events arranged by week with links for more information. Submit your publicity request by Friday at 9 a.m. or Wednesday at 9 a.m. for inclusion on Sunday or Thursday (respectively).

    When submitting your room request via EMS/Centralized Scheduling Service, you may note if you’d like to include your event in online promotions. If you did not indicate this in your original request, you may use the Publicize an Event Form.

    For large-scale events, we’ll set up a meeting to discuss extra communications efforts, including invitations to the wider community, potential media opportunities, public calendar placements, etc.


    Student organizations are encouraged to post flyers on the “events” bulletin board in the hallway near the library. If you’d like design assistance, contact the Events & Communications Manager. You may also design these yourself.

    Digital Flyers (D-Flyers)

    You may submit a digital flyer (d-flyer) for display on the digital monitors by sending an email to the Events & Communications Manager. You can also use a standard PowerPoint slide with a 16:9 ratio. If you’re using a design program, the slide should be 1080x608 pixels.

    Internal Directional Signs

    The Dean’s Office has two standing floor signs that can be used as needed to direct event attendees to the specified room. Only painter’s tape is permitted to tape items on walls or doors. Signage may not be taped to artwork or furniture. If signs or flyers are found taped incorrectly, they will be removed immediately.

    Reserved Parking/External Directional Signs

    Parking and external directional signs can be purchased from the Campus Print Shop. These signs can be placed on campus to direct event attendees. It is your responsibility to put these up prior to your event and remove them no later than 24 hours after your event has concluded.

    Emails to Alumni

    If you would like to share information about an event with the alumni audience, please send it to the Assistant Dean for Communications.

    Online Registration

    If you plan on requiring registration for your event, contact the Events & Communications Manager for assistance in setting up an online registration site.

    Social Media

    We will publicize student organization events via social media when appropriate.

    Email Blasts

    Each student organization is permitted one email blast per major event. Exceptions may be granted upon request through the Associate Dean of Students.

    Print Invitations

    If you would like to issue print invitations to potential event attendees, contact the Events & Communications Manager.

    Printed Materials for the Day Of

    Consider printed materials you may need for your event, including programs, MCLE forms, posters, attendee list, table tents/name cards, and nametags.

  • Catering

    Consider catering needs for your event. Prior to securing any catering for your event, it is important to familiarize yourself with all food and beverage (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) policies set by the University.

    UR Catering

    The University offers full-service catering options through UR Catering and the Heilman Dining Center. All requests for university-provided catering should go through the Events & Communications Manager. Be sure to make your request at least four to six weeks prior to your event. More information about University Catering can be found online.

    Approved Vendors

    The University issues a list of approved vendors who can be used for catered events. A full list can be found online. Please note that this list is updated frequently.

    Providing Your Own Food or Sourcing Food from an Outside Vendor

    For liability reasons, a Food Waiver Application must be submitted for approval prior to hosting an event using goods or services of an outside (non-approved) vendor. By submitting a Food Waiver Application, the contact or coordinator is agreeing on behalf of the group or organization to release the University of Richmond Dining Services from any and all responsibility or liability for any injury or illness resulting from consumption of food or beverage which Campus Dining Services did not prepare, distribute, or provide. In addition, the reserving individual/organization is responsible for ensuring all University policies are in compliance. This includes any pick-up or delivery from an outside vendor who is not on the approved vendor list. The waiver must be submitted and approved prior to purchase. Please submit any Food Waiver Applications to the Events & Communications Manager. Once it has been submitted, it will be sent to the University for approval. Filling out a Food Waiver does not guarantee University approval.

    Food/Beverage Policies

    Alcoholic Beverages

    The University monitors all food and alcohol being served on campus. Therefore, alcohol use at an event must be recorded in EMS/Centralized Scheduling Service. You are required to inform the Events & Communications Manager whenever you plan on serving alcohol at an event. You (or your approved event caterer) will also be required to display ABC license at the event. Consult the Events & Communications Manager for more information about alcoholic beverage policies.

    Non-Alcoholic Beverages

    The University has contracted with the Pepsi Company for exclusive beverage representation on campus. Therefore, only Pepsi products are to be sold, dispensed, served, or sampled on campus. Per this agreement, products must be purchased through the University’s retail outlets (ETC or the bookstore) or Heilman Dining Center. The purchase of Pepsi products from any non-campus retailer is not permitted. Pepsi products include soft drinks, bottled water (Aquafina), Gatorade, Starbucks, Naked, Lipton, and Tropicana. If you are using a University-approved caterer to cater your event, they must serve only Pepsi products. If you plan on purchasing your own beverages for any event, you are required to purchase them through the University.

  • Multimedia & Audiovisual Needs

    For more information about multimedia and audiovisual assistance or video recording, contact the Events & Communications Manager.

  • Event Setup

    For more information about event setup, including information regarding tables, linens, and keys, contact the Events & Communications Manager.

  • Parking

    For more information about parking, including parking passes and parking lot requests, contact the Events & Communications Manager.

  • Campus Police & Security

    Some events may require the presence of a police officer or security guard, depending on whether or not alcohol is served, the number of attendees, and the location of the event. The Events and Communications Manager will consult with URPD to determine if police presence is required. Please note that police/security presence will incur additional fees, which will need to be factored into the budget.

    High profile speakers or event attendees may require special police/security presence.

  • MCLE Credits

    When planning an event, consider Mandatory Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) credit opportunities. Please contact Maureen Moran (Reference and Research Services Librarian) for assistance.

    The application process should begin about 12-16 weeks prior to your event. Applications submitted in the fall can take up to 10 weeks to be processed by the Virginia State Bar; applications submitted in the spring can take up to six weeks for processing.

    After MCLE credit has been granted, be sure to update your website and registration information. MCLE materials should be added to the website one week in advance. MCLE sessions should be indicated as such on the event program.

    Please note that registration is required for all events that offer MCLE credit.