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Rewarding. Life Changing. Transformative. That’s how students at Richmond Law describe their experience here. If you’re ready to engage in an innovative legal curriculum taught by world-class faculty and be surrounded hands-on opportunities and a supportive community, we invite you to learn more.

Faculty Expertise

Erin R. Collins
Collins Publishes Evidence Rules for Decarceration

Collins, E. (2023). Evidence Rules for Decarceration. Fordham Urban Law Journal, 50, 353.

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Rebecca Crootof
Crootof Publishes Humans in the Loop

Crootof, R. L., Price, W. Nicholson, Kaminski, M. (2023). Humans in the Loop. Vanderbilt Law Review, 76, 429.

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Rebecca Crootof
Crootof Publishes Implementing War Torts

Crootof, R. L. (2023). Implementing War Torts. Virginia Journal of International Law, 63, 320. 

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Joel B. Eisen
Eisen Publishes Rebuilding Grid Governance

Eisen, J. B., Payne, H. E. (2023). Rebuilding Grid Governance. BYU Law Review, 48, 1057.

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