Conditional English Admissions

Conditional Admission

Students whose English abilities are lower than the requirements necessary for success in the LLM degree program may apply for and receive conditional admission. Conditional admission will be considered for both the Fall and Spring semesters.  

Applicants receiving conditional admission will be asked to complete English language courses at either Reynolds Community College or Virginia Commonwealth University. A full description of the programs, including courses and fees, can be found at Reynolds Community College or Virginia Commonwealth University.  Students may also choose to complete English language courses at UC San Diego.  To discuss the different English programs, please contact Dr. Susan D. Dudley, Applied Linguistics Specialist, University of Richmond School of Law.

Students in conditional admission status will remain in close contact with law school personnel and will have access to law school activities while completing the recommended English program.  Upon successful completion of the English language classes, qualified applicants will be granted full admission to the LLM program.

School Resources

Following matriculation to the LLM program, students are encouraged to consider taking the following courses co-taught by a law professor and the Applied Linguistics Specialist. These courses assist students in increasing their legal language skills while learning about the U.S. legal system and U.S. laws, helping students in their academic success while in law school.

LAWE 727 - American Legal Rhetoric and Writing for International Lawyers

This course is designed to improve students’ rhetoric and writing skills as well as their legal lexicon. Students will read and analyze cases and other legal materials to enhance their legal vocabulary acquisition, reading comprehension, legal speaking analysis, legal writing, and language use.  Students will summarize readings and write case briefs and other legal writing to improve their legal language abilities.  Students will be taught strategies for final exams and will practice final exam writing.  Students will also be exposed to legal cases to prepare them for the Legal Research and Writing course. 

LAWE 732 - US Culture for International Lawyers

This course is designed to expose students to current events impacting the legal world in both the United States and globally.  The course focuses on enhancing students’ language proficiency and confidence in legal discourse.  Students will read and discuss current topics that are relevant to legal culture, comparing their reactions and their countries’ policies with those in the United States. Through broad-based reading and discussions, students will work to expand their discourse skills while acquiring a more extensive legal lexicon. In addition, students will learn more about U.S. legal culture, develop a broader understanding of laws and policies, and enhance their knowledge of current legal events.  

LAWM 699 - American Legal Communication for International Lawyers

This course is designed to expose students to legal linguistics and language use preferred in U.S. legal writing. Students will practice writing clear, concise materials using legal lexicon and preferred legal linguistics using pre-created exercises and original texts, analyzing their writing to improve clarity and cohesion.  Throughout the semester, students will work closely with course instructors, receiving regular, personalized feedback on their skill development. Students will work to develop stronger comprehension of legal discourse, improve their editing skills, and strengthen their overall written communication skills.