Printing Survey

Updated 02/2020

The University of Richmond Law Library is attempting to identify those law schools that charge students for laser printing in library/law school computer labs.

If you would like to add your school's information to this chart, or to correct the entry for your school, please e-mail Joyce Manna Janto, the Deputy Director of the Law Library.

U of Akron .05 - b&w
.07 - color
75 Pharos
Albany .08 - letter, b&w
.16 . legal, b&w
.24 - letter, color
.48 - legal, color
.14 - letter, b&w duplex
.30 - legal, b&w duplex
.46 - letter, color duplex
.94 - legal, color duplex
$5.00 Pharos
American .10 250/semester vendacard
Appalachian School of Law .09 b&w single
.17 b&w duplex
.49 color single
.09 color duplex
250/semester Vendor, WEPA
Arizona State University .10 300 Print Manager Plus
U of Arizona .15 no free pages vendacard
U of Arkansas/Little Rock .10 500/semester
Ave Maria Law School
.10 500/yr PCounter
U of Baltimore $5/100 sheets 350/semester PCounter
Barry Law School .05 b&w
.15 color
no free pages
Boston University .10 page 1000/semester BU IS&T Dept
Brigham Young U .07 no free pages uniprint
Brooklyn .05 - single or duplex 500/year Pharos
U of Buffalo .05 - single
.05 - duplex
350/summer session
U of Calif. - Berkeley .13 - b&w single
.20 - b&w duplex
.75 - color
$125 printing credit
per academic year
U of Calif. - Hastings .05 -.10 depending on the amount put on vendacard no free pages vendacard
U of Calif. Los Angles .07
.05 - clinical students
N/A PCounter
California Western .07 300/trimester PCounter
Capital U .15 750/academic year PCounter
Cardoza Law School .10 none vendacard
Charleston .08 1000/year Equitrac
Charlotte .10 750/year Pharos
U of Chicago .05 1200/year; journal, moot court +500
Chicago-Kent College of Law .05 400/semester PCounter
U of Cincinnati .07 single or duplex 1600/year Pharos
Cleveland-Marshall $7.25/credit hour technology fee N/A N/A
U of Colorado .10 900/semester
Columbia .05 4000/academic year, journals - 10,000/year PCounter
U of Connecticut .05 No free pages PCounter
Cornell .10 500/semester NetPrint
Creighton U $1 = 8 pages
$5 = 50 pages
$10 = 125 pages
$20 = 250 page
$30 = 375 pages
300/term (including summer) PCounter
Cumberland School of Law .10 300 /semester PCounter
U of Dayton .05 B/W
.25 color
500 /semester PCounter
U of Denver .10 b&w
.45 color
no free pages WEPA
DePaul .10 300 /semester Intelliprint
Drake .05 b&w
.04 b&w/duplex
.25 color
.48 color/duplex
400/semester PaperCut
Drexel .10 b&w
.08/side b&w duplex
.50 color
.40/side color duplex
Emory .07 single
.11 duplex
500/year Pharos
U of Florida .08 100/semester
Florida International U College of Law .08 b&w
.15 color
no free pages One Card
Florida State U .10 b&w
.25 color
no free pages Pharos
Fordham .10 2000/year Pharos
Franklin Pierce Law Center .10 b&w
.15 b&w duplex
.50 color
.75 color duplex
none Pharos
George Mason .10 no free pages Pharos
George Washington .09 single-sided b&w
.06 double-sided b&w
.32 single-sided color
.32 double-sided color
30 per year WEPA
Georgetown .06 single
.12 duplex
no free pages Pharos
U of Georgia .06 b&w page
.50 color page
no free pages Pharos
Georgia State U .05 100/semester PCounter
Gonzaga .06 3,000 / one-time allotment PCounter
Hamline .05 no free pages vendacard
Harvard .05 1000/yr Envisoneware LPTOne
U Hawaii .10 100/year
Hofstra .05 2400/academic year PaperCut
Howard $125/semester
computer lab fee
250/semester PaperCut
U of Illinois .06 no free pages PCounter
Indiana U .04 b&w
.25 color
1000/semester IU Print
Indiana U - Indianapolis .07 20 pages per academic credit hour Smart Card
U of Iowa .03/side N/A PaperCut
John Marshall Law School .10 20 pages per academic credit hour Smart Card
U of Kansas $.02 no free pages QCounter
U of Kentucky .12 no free pages Pharos
Lewis & Clark .05 - single or duplex 1000/year PCounter
Liberty .045 no free pages Pharos
Lincoln students can purchase 50 add. pgs for $5 750 free pages/semester PaperCut
Lousiana State U. .06 1500/year
U of Louisville .05/page (sold in increments of 100 pages) 500/semester PaperCut
Loyola-Los Angeles .10 - b&w
.30 -color
2000/year (during reading weeks and finals - free printing upt to 100 pages/student)
U of Maine

.07 b&w
.25 color

only on reading week and finals week - up to 100 pages PaperCut
Marquette U .07 b&w
.50 color
$20/year Printwise
U of Maryland .10
.05 if printing from Blackboard
no free pages GoPrint
U of Memphis $25 for 500 pages
(minimum purchase)
Mercer U .05 800/year PCounter
U of Michigan .05 (journals and student orgs exempt) 600/semester (charging suspended during finals) PaperCut
U of Minnesota .05 unlimited, unless abused PaperCut
U of Mississippi .10 100/year PaperCut
U of Missouri $5 = 50 copies,
$9 = 100 copies,
$20 = 250 copies,
$35 = 500 copies
150 Print Smart
U of Missouri - KC .03 no free pages PCounter
U of Nebraska .09 30/one time only
no free pages
Pharos Uniprint
New England School of Law $1=10; $5=.09
$10=.08; $20=.05
100/year vendacard
U of New Mexico .05 800/semester PCounter
New York LS .10 150/semester Uniflow
U of North Carolina .10 800/academic year (mandatory student fee gives additional 800 pages on non-law school network) Pharos
U of North Dakota Cash: .05 - b&w
.10 - color
vendacard: .04
no free pages
University of North Texas - Dallas .02/pg b&w
.06/pg color - students charged
$25 flat every semester
no free printing PaperCut
Northwestern .08 - b&w - single
.06 - b&w - duplex
.25 - color - single or duplex
$8 credit/semester PaperCut
Nova Southeastern University .05/pg b&w,
.10/pg color (25% discount for duplex printing)
$125/year PaperCut
Ohio State U. .06 No free pages Uniprint
U of Oklahoma $7.50/credit hr technology fee n/a n/a
U of Oregon .08/page 250/year Pharos
U of Orlando .10 50/semester GIAI Print Charger
Pace .06 $30 credit/semester Pharos
U of Pennsylvania .08 no free pages Uniprint
Pepperdine .05 500/semester UnipriNT
U of Pittsburgh .10 no free pages Pharos
Regent .05 100/semester Pharos
U of Richmond .05/sheet, single or duplex 400/semester PCounter
Roger Williams .07 $15 credit/semester PCounter
Rutgers U - Camden

$50 semester computer fee

Rutgers - Newark .10 none
St. John's .07
.30 color
$60 printing allowance Pharos
St Mary's .10 no free pages
U of St Thomas (MN) .10 single b&w
.25 single color
.17/duplex b&w
400/semester Equitrac
U of San Diego .06
.08 duplex
.10 color
no free pages Pharos/CSGold
U of San Francisco .07 b&w
.30 color
no free pages Pharos
Santa Clara .08 1000/year Pharos/SmartPrint

.05 single
.10 duplex

500/fiscal year PCounter
U of South Carolina .10/sheet single or duplex
.25 page color
1000/year PCounter
U of South Dakota .07 400/academic year PCounter
U of South Texas College of Law Houston .10 500/semester PaperCut
U of Southern California .10 b&w
.45 color
no free pages WEPA
Southern Illinois U .08 no free pages vendacard
Southern Methodist U .05 1500/year PaperCut
Southwestern .07 no free pages OCS On-Account
Stanford U $300/semester resource fee N/A N/A
Stetson U $.05 1000/year Vendacard
Syracuse $35/semester computer fee N/A N/A
Temple .10 no free pages Pharos
U of Tennessee $100/semester technology fee N/A N/A
U of Texas

.10/pg single b&w
.08/side duplex b&w

.40 color (single-sided and duplex)
no free pages UTPrint
Texas A&M .10 no free pages Jamex
Texas Southern .10 with vendacard
.15 without vendacard
500 Vendacard
Texas Tech .06 no free pages Jamex
Touro .07 250/semester Pharos
Tulane .10 no free pages (semester printing fee covers 300 pages) PaperCut
U of Tulsa .05 1000/year PCounter
U of Utah N/A $90/Semester, students given more funding when they run out UniFlow
Vanderbilt .05 2000/year PCounter
Vermont .05/page (single or duplex) 800/academic year PCounter
U of Virginia .05 500/term PCounter
Wake Forest .08 2000/academic year Pharos
U of Washington .12 single
.23 duplex
no free pages Pharos
Washington U .05 1500/academic year, Moot Court and Law Review 500/yr PCounter
Washington & Lee .10/pg b&w
.35/pg color
$80 worth of free pages PaperCut
Wayne State .10 no free pages vendacard
West Virginia U .06 - b&w
.25 - color
no free pages Pharos UniPrint
Western Michigan .08/sheet single or duplex 500/term PaperCut
Western New England University Computing fee (not given to library to cover expenses) N/A N/A
Western State College of Law .10 no free pages Print Q Manager
Whittier .083 no free pages vendacard
Widener U. Commonwealth .08 $32 Pharos
William & Mary .05 600/semester PCounter
William Mitchell .04 no free pages Uniflow
U. of Wisconsin .07 no free pages "WisCard" online payment tracking
U. of Wyoming .05
.07 duplex
$7.50 print credit/semester
Yale .05 1000 PCounter