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On the eve of hosting the 2016 Summer Olympics, Brazil confronted systemic corruption on an historic scale. Though the nation is seemingly in crisis, the scandals are actually evidence of newly enacted anti-corruption laws taking effect. We captured Brazil’s untold success story in our e-book, Olympic Anti-Corruption Report: Brazil and the Rio 2016 Summer Games.

Our report is the result of a multi-year study by Prof. Andy Spalding and the Anti-Corruption Research Team. The Team consists of eight recent graduates of the University of Richmond School of Law who, as students, took Prof. Spalding’s year-long course on Brazil’s Olympic anti-corruption reforms. The course included a week-long visit to Brazil, where we interviewed government officials, prosecutors, corporate lawyers, civil society advocates, professors, and students. Each team member is a co-author of the book.

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Brazil: A Success Story

Redefining Olympic Legacy

Dilma's Impeachment Explained

Democracy and Reform

What is Temer Doing?

Ministers Resigning

The Four Pillars

Clean Companies & Org. Crime

Corruption Reform's Future

2015 Brazil Trip
Photo: Rina Van Orden
Photo: Rina Van Orden
Photo: Rina Van Orden

Meet the Team

  • Prof. Andy Spalding
  • Patrick Barr, L'16
  • Albert Flores, L'16
  • Shaun Freiman, L'15
  • Kat Gavin, L'16
  • Tyler Klink, L'16
  • Carter Nichols, L'16
  • Ann Reid, L'16
  • Rina Van Orden, L'15

Questions? Contact Prof. Spalding: 804-289-8203,

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