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Professor Andy Spalding teaches and writes in the area of international anti-corruption law. He is a member of the Frequent Visiting Faculty at the International Anti-Corruption Academy (IACA) in Austria, Senior Editor of the FCPA Blog, and was the founding president of the American Society of International Law’s Anti-Corruption Interest Group. As Chair of the Olympics Compliance Task Force, Professor Spalding collaborates with a team of international academics and practitioners, and with the International Olympic Committee, to design and promote Olympic host-country anti-corruption and human rights measures. 

Professor Spalding writes principally in two areas: international anti-bribery law; and corruption and human rights in mega sports. His anti-bribery research focuses on the causes and effects of uneven global enforcement; the impact of current enforcement on bribery’s victims, especially in developing countries; the universality of the anti-corruption ethic; and whether freedom from corruption should be understood as a human right. His work has appeared in the UCLA Law ReviewWashington University Law Review, Ohio State Law Journal, Wisconsin Law Review, in books published by the University of Chicago Press, Cambridge University Press, and Routledge Press, and in many other academic venues. His work specifically on corruption and human rights has been published with the Brookings Institution and appears in the forthcoming study New Human Rights: Recognition, Novelty, Rhetoric (Cambridge University Press), commissioned by the European Commission. He has been quoted in the New York TimesWall Street JournalEconomist, Atlantic, Forbes, and National Public Radio, and other outlets. He was the first editor to join the FCPA Blog, a leading anti-corruption and compliance blog that now receives two million hits annually from 190 countries.

Professor Spalding’s interest in domestic anti-corruption movements brought him to the study of mega sporting events. His monograph, A Governance Legacy (Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2021) looks at the surprising ability of these events to catalyze enduring host-country anti-corruption and human rights reforms.  He has empirically studied this dynamic in Brazil, South Korea, France, and Qatar.

A JD/PhD, Professor Spalding currently holds a research grant from the International Olympic Committee’s Olympic Studies Centre, and was formerly a Fulbright Senior Research Scholar based in Mumbai India.

Presenter, "The New Governance Legacy in Sport," Sporting Chance Forum, UNESCO and the Institute for Human Rights and Business, Paris (Dec. 2018)
Presenter, "The Transnationalization of Anti-Corruption Law Through Sport," The Transnationalization of Anti-Corruption Law, Sciences Po and the American Society of International Law Anti-Corruption Interest Group, Paris (Dec. 2018).
Presenter, "The Governance Legacy of Sport," International Criminal Law Roundtable, Washington & Lee Law School, Lexington, Virginia (Nov. 2018).
Presenter, "The Global Significance of Brazil's Anti-Corruption Movement," Brazil chapter of International Chamber of Commerce, Sao Paolo, Brazil (Sept. 2018).
Presenter, "Trends in U.S. Anti-Bribery Enforcement," Office of the Public Prosecutors, Santiago, Chile (June 2018).
Presenter, "The Intersection of Anti-Bribery and Anti-Money Laundering Enforcement," 18th Pan American Congress on the Risk of Money Laundering, Pan American Congress, Cartegena, Colombia (June 2018).
Presenter, "US Anti-Corruption Enforcement Trends," Lloreda Camacho Law Firm, Bogota, Colombia (June 2018).
Presenter, "Developments in International Anti-Corruption Enforcement," Politecnico Grancolombiano University, Bogota, Colombia (June 2018).
Presenter, "Trends in Global Anti-Corruption Enforcement," Austria Chapter of International Law Section of ABA, Vienna, Austria (April 2018).
Presenter, "The Olympic Governance Legacy," OECD Integrity Forum, Paris (April 2018).
Presenter, "South Korea's Olympic Governance Legacy," Yonsei Law School, Seoul, South Korea (April 2018).
Presenter, "Individual and Corporate Liability for Corruption," Korea National Police University, Yongin, South Korea (April 2018).
Presenter, "The New Olympic Governance Legacy," Bi-Annual Olympic Studies Conference, Gangwon National University, Gangwon, South Korea (Feb. 2018).
Presenter, "The Role of Compliance in FCPA Enforcement," Annual Sokol Colloquium, University of Virginia School of Law (Nov. 2017).

Presenter, "The New Olympic Governance Legacy," Corruption in International Sports Conference, University of Maryland Law School (Oct. 2016).

Presenter, "Compliance and the FCPA Pilot Program," Creating Compliance Conference, University of Toledo Law School (Oct. 2016).

Presenter, "Restoring Bribery's Victims," J. Reuben Clark School of Law at Brigham Young University (Feb. 2016).

Panelist, "Developments in Anti-corruption Law," International Law Weekend, J. Reuben Clark Law School at Brigham Young University (Jan. 2016).

Panelist, "New Scholars Colloquia on International Law," Southeastern Association of Law Schools (2015).

Speaker, "Are You Happy Now: Stimulating Student Reflection on Professional Fulfillment," Legal Ed Igniting Law Teaching Conference (2015).

"Freedom from Corruption: the New Human Right?" Michigan State University Junior Faculty Workshop (Nov. 2012).

"Corruption as a Rights Violation: Implications for Commercial Anti-Bribery Laws," American Society of International Law Annual Research Forum, Athens, GA (Oct. 2012).

"Your Company has been Accused of Violating the FCPA: Now What?" Moderator (panelists include former U.S. Attorney General and Chief Judge for the Southern District of New York Michael Mukasey), Dow Jones Compliance Symposium (March 2012). 

"Corporate Corruption and International Law," invited keynote speaker, Northwestern Law School International Law Workshop (Jan. 2012). 

"Anti-Bribery Law, Foreign Policy, and Foreign Direct Investment," invited keynote speaker, RAND Corp. Center for Corporate Ethics Symposium (Jan. 2012). 

"Four Unchartered Corners of Anti-Corruption Law," Panelist, Wisconsin Law Review Symposium on the Changing Role of In-House and General Counsels (Nov. 2011). 

"Corruption in South Asia: the Role of Law and Legal Institutions," Panel Chair, University of Wisconsin, Madison South Asia Legal Studies Pre-Conference (Oct. 2011). 

"The Irony of International Business Law," Panelist, Midwest Corporate Legal Scholars Conference, Moritz College of Law, the Ohio State University (June 2011). 

"International Business, Economic Development, and Corruption," Panel Chair, Law & Society Annual Conference (June 2011). 

"Progressivism in U.S. International Business Law," invited keynote speaker, University of Cincinnati College of Law (Oct. 2010). 

"The Irony of International Business Law," invited keynote speaker, University of Dayton School of Law (Oct. 2010). 

"The Impact of Anti-Bribery Laws in Developing Countries," Panelist, Fordham Law School International Law Weekend (Oct. 2010). 

"Comparing U.S. and Chinese International Business Law," invited keynote speaker, Moritz College of Law, the Ohio State University (Oct. 2010). 

"Legal Measures Against Corruption in Global Perspective: Principles, Politics, Prospects," Panelist, University of Windsor Faculty of Law, Ontario, Canada (Oct. 2010). 

"The Role of Business Ethics and Integrity in Preventing Corruption," Panelist, Transparency International and the American Chamber of Commerce in India, Delhi (Sept. 2010).

"Economic Development and Anti-Corruption Laws: the Challenge of India," Panelist, Law & Society Annual Conference (May 2010). 

"Middle-Eastern Oil and Anti-Corruption Laws," invited keynote speaker, U.A.E. University, Al Ain (May 2010). 

"The Role of Anti-Bribery Law in Alleviating Poverty," series of lectures delivered at the ASA University Department of Law, Dhaka, Bangladesh (April 2010). 

"Corruption, the Rule of Law, and the Economic and Political Development of Central Asia," series of lectures delivered at the Kazakhstan Institute of Management, Economics, and Strategic Research School of Law, Almaty, Kazakhstan (April 2010). 

"A Comparative Perspective on Economic Development and Anti-Corruption Laws," invited keynote speaker, Istanbul University Faculty of Law, Turkey (April 2010). 

"The Future of Corporate Governance in India," invited keynote speaker, NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad, India (March 2010). 

"At an Historic Crossroads: India and the FCPA," invited keynote speaker, Antifraud Conference, Mumbai, India (March 2010). 

"The FCPA in India: a Perfect Storm," invited keynote speaker, Fraud, Forensics, and Corruption Symposium, Pune, India (Dec. 2009). 

"A Comparative Approach to the Study of Corruption in International Business," invited keynote speaker, the Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand (Dec. 2009). 

"Unwitting Sanctions: Understanding Anti-Bribery Legislation as Economic Sanctions Against Emerging Markets," invited keynote speaker, George Washington University Law School (Nov. 2009). 

"The FCPA and U.S. Foreign Policy," invited keynote speaker, Raytheon Int'l Inc. (Nov. 2009). 

"Examining the Impact of Corruption Prohibitions on Foreign Direct Investment in Emerging Markets," invited speaker, the World Bank Integrity Vice-Presidency (Nov. 2009). 

"Indian Social and Economic Development: the Problem of Corruption," invited keynote speaker, School of Social Sciences and International Studies, Pondicherry, India (Nov. 2009). 

"Enforcement Procedures of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission," invited keynote speaker, University of Mumbai Government Law College, India (Nov. 2007). 

"The Role of the Judiciary in the Rule of Law: Two Paradigms from the U.S. Experience," invited keynote speaker, University of Cape Town, South Africa (Oct. 2005). 

"Comments on the ABA Report on the 21st Century Judiciary," Panelist, The ABA Colloquium on the 21st Century Judiciary, Raleigh, North Carolina (March 2003). 

Bar Admissions
Washington, D.C.
Professional Experience
Assistant Professor of Law (2012-present)
University of Richmond School of Law, Richmond, Va.
Visiting Assistant Professor of Law (2010-12)
Chicago-Kent College of Law, Chicago, Ill.
Fulbright Senior Research Scholar (2009-10)
The U.S.-India Educational Foundation, Mumbai, India
Associate, Securities Enforcement and Litigation (2006-08)
Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr LLP, Washington, D.C.
Judicial Clerkship (2004-05)
U.S. Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit, Las Vegas, NV; Law Clerk to The Honorable Jay S. Bybee
Judicial Clerkship (2003-04)
U.S. District Court, District of Nevada, Reno, NV; Law Clerk to The Honorable Howard D. McKibben

A Governance Legacy (Oxford University Press) (forthcoming 2021).

Olympic Anti-Corruption Report: Rio and the 2016 Summer Games (with the University of Richmond School of Law Anti-Corruption Research Team) (2016).


Brazil's Olympic-Era Anti-Corruption Reforms, 32 Md. L. Rev. 188 (2017).

Restoring Pre-Existing Compliance through the FCPA Pilot Program, 48 U. Tol. L. Rev. 519 (2017) (symposium).

From the 2014 World Cup to the 2016 Olympics: Brazil's Role in the Global Anti-Corruption Movement, 21 Sw. J. Int'l L. 71, (2014) (with the University of Richmond School of Law Anti-Corruption Research Team).

Freedom from Official Corruption as a Human Right, Brookings Institution White Paper; co-authored with Matthew Murray, U.S. Department of Commerce (2015).

Corruption, Corporations, and the New Human Right, 91 Wash. U. L. Rev 1365 (2014).

The Problem of Deterring Extraterritorial Crime, 17 Chap. L. Rev. 355 (2014). 

The Russian Federation Joins the OECD Convention Against Bribery, ASIL Insights, June 2012, Vol. 16, No. 19. 


Freedom from Corruption as a Human Right, in New Human Rights for the 21st Century (forthcoming 2018).

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Rio 2016 and the Birth of Brazilian Transparency, in Corruption and International Sport (Transparency International ed., 2016) (with the University of Richmond School of Law Anti-Corruption Research Team).


Will FIFA now follow the IOC's lead?, FCPA Blog (June 2018).

The South Korea revolution continues, FCPA Blog (Aug. 2017).

Brazil's generational clash, FCPA Blog (Sept. 2016).

Will Wal-Mart change India? FCPA Blog (Jan. 2016).

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It really is about the children, FCPA Blog (Oct. 2014).

Beyond deterrence (Part 1 of 4), FCPA Blog (March 2014).

IACA's upcoming programs, FCPA Blog (March 2014).

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