Meet the Student Advisory Board

The Professional Identity Formation (PIF) Advisory Board serves as a representative of the student body and works with Professor Janice Craft to construct curricular and co-curricular offerings relevant to students. If you are interested in serving on the Student Advisory Board, please email Professor Craft.

Sean barrick

Sean Barrick, L'21

1L Employment Experience: Office of State Senator Jennifer McClellan (Richmond, VA)
2L Employment Experience:
Office of State Senator Jennifer McClellan (Richmond, VA)

"Professional Development and Formation is key to all of us at law school- it is, in fact, why many of us came here. We wanted to be lawyers. However, when I came to law school I really only knew about litigators (thank you My Cousin Vinny) and transaction attorneys. I am interested in shaping this innovative new program to help shed light on a third type of lawyer: the actual law maker."

chris davis

Chris Davis, L'22

1L Employment Experience: Legal Aid Justice Center (Charlottesville, VA)

"I'm excited to be part of a program dedicated to our development as well-rounded, value-driven lawyers before we even enter the workforce."

taylor donley

Taylor Donley, L'21

1L Employment Experience: disAbility Law Center of Virginia (Richmond, VA)
2L Employment Experience:
U.S. Attorney's Office, EDVA (Richmond, VA)

"I am interested in joining the Professional Identity Formation Board because law school is an important time to develop as a professional. Determining what drives you as a person in your professional career often gets lost amongst all of the grade and job stress."

ryan leonard

Ryan Leonard, L'21

1L Employment Experience: Legal Services of Northern Virginia (Fairfax, VA)
2L Employment Experience:
Legal Aid Society of San Diego (San Diego, CA)

"I believe that ensuring one’s educational and career goals are well aligned with deeply held values is critical to being happy and successful.  I am excited at the prospect of being part of PIF and playing a small part in helping future-lawyers identify and cultivate the values that will lead to flourishing and meaningful careers."

sarah merryman

Sarrah Merryman, L'22

1L Employment Experience: International Rescue Committee (Richmond, VA)

"As a student with 15+ years of work experience, I understand the importance of cultivating a strong professional identity. As a member of the student advisory board, I look forward to collaborating on this new and exciting program."

onye njubigbo

Onye Njubigo, L'22

1L Employment Experience: The Center for Nonprofit Excellence (Charlottesville, VA)

"As a Black woman, it has been clear to me from a young age that the legal field has not fulfilled its duty to promote and protect the interests of communities most affected by the law. I believe that both current and future advocates can foster the change and acceptance this country needs by examining our many unique identities and cultures, ensuring that we practice law with a truly holistic and inclusive approach."

tori pivirotto

Tori Pivirotto, L'21

1L Employment Experience: Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance (Richmond, VA); Locke & Quinn (Richmond, VA)
2L Employment Experience:
Locke & Quinn (Richmond, VA)

carlos ruiz

Carlos Ruiz, L'22

1L Employment Experience: United States Air Force (Joint Base Andrews, MD)

"In life, one of my goals is to always leave a place better than I found it. This board will give me an opportunity to make such an impact."

davina seoparsan

Davina Seoparsan, L'21

1L Employment Experience: Stone Law Office, PLC (Richmond, VA)
2L Employment Experience:
Newport News Public Defender's Office (Newport News, VA); Hunter Law Firm (Hampton, VA)

"As a first-generation law student and the daughter of immigrants, I once struggled to define my professional identity. I hope to continue to work with the student advisory board to help others integrate their personal development and their professional development."

ren warden

Ren Warden, L'22

1L Employment Experience: Murphy & Riley, P.C. (Boston, MA)

"Our professional development must include honing an empathetic mindset, both to those who benefit less from our legal system and to ourselves."