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Summer Public Service Fellowships

Through the Summer Public Service Fellowship Program, the School of Law provides summer funding to students working in qualifying public sector positions. Each student who secures qualifying public sector summer employment is guaranteed to receive one Fellowship during their academic career at the School of Law.

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To submit an application for a Second Summer Public Service Fellowship, click here

Steps to Follow for First Requestors

1Review the Summer Public Service Fellowship Program Information Session Webinar

View the recorded presentation here.

2Meet with your Career Advisor

Conduct a one-on-one career advising and resume review appointment with your career advisor before January 18, 2019. Update your resume consistent with the feedback provided by your advisor.

3Secure Qualifying Employment in the Public Sector

Partner with your career advisor to develop a strategy to secure summer 2019 employment in the public sector. Students seeking qualifying employment in the Virginia-area should apply via Symplicity by January 18, 2019, to participate in the Commonwealth Law School Consortium Government and Public Interest Interview Program, which will be held at the University of Richmond on February 15, 2019.

4Attend at Least One Session of the Law Library’s Prepare to Practice Program

Sessions will take place March-April 2019. See schedule here.

5Attend the CDO’s Think Like a Professional: Summer Success in the Public Sector Program

Event is scheduled for April 5, 2019.

6Submit a Fellowship Application by May 10, 2019

If you have not already, set up direct deposit via BannerWeb. To check your account, log in to BannerWeb, and click the “Manage and Set up Direct Deposit” link. You should have Accounts Payable selected in BannerWeb to ensure timely disbursement of your Fellowship funds.

Following the completion of steps 1 – 5 above, submit to the Law School Dean's Office:

  • your resume;
  • a Career Statement of approximately 300 words explaining how your summer position will inform or assist you in achieving your long-term goals; and
  • a Summer Fellowship Employment Form signed by your supervisor, or a letter confirming your employment. Any employment confirmation letter must specify the amount of compensation you are receiving directly from the employer or certify that you are not receiving any. An original signature or scanned copy of the original is required.

Fellowship Applications will be accepted in hard copy in the Law School Dean's Office or via email to Leigh Deignan ( from Monday, April 8 through Friday, May 10, 2019, at 5 p.m.

7Participate in a Fellowship Discussion Group

Beginning on July 29, 2019, sign up via Symplicity to participate in a Fellowship Program Discussion Group, which will be held between August 12-September 6, 2019 (a four-week period).

8Complete Post-Fellowship Requirements

Following your Fellowship, you must submit a Summer Employment Evaluation, Interest Questionnaire, and updated resume via Symplicity by September 6, 2019.