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Adjunct Appointment and Evaluation

Appointment of Part-Time/Adjunct Personnel

Primary responsibility for the appointment of adjunct faculty is divided among the Director of the Upper-Level Skills Program (who appoints and supervises adjuncts teaching trial and appellate advocacy), the Director of the Clinical Placement Program (who appoints and supervises adjuncts teaching the classroom components of clinical placements), and the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs (who appoints and supervises all remaining adjuncts). The appointment process typically involves consultation with faculty and practitioners in the relevant field to identify promising candidates, followed by individual interviews with such candidates. The Program Manager for Faculty Development & Academic Affairs works with the law school Business Manager to ensure that all appointed personnel provide the required degree verification.

Training and Evaluation of Part-time/Adjunct Personnel

When adjunct faculty are first appointed, the appropriate supervisor meets with them to discuss course design and pedagogy; more experienced adjuncts are often included in these discussions and act as mentors. New adjunct faculty also receive a complimentary copy of the book, Teaching Law by Design for Adjuncts by Sparrow, Hess, and Schwartz (2010). The Program Manager then serves as the administrative assistant for all adjuncts. After the conclusion of an adjunct-taught course, the appropriate supervisor and the Program Manager review the course evaluations, offer guidance and critique as needed, and make any necessary personnel changes (e.g., termination, the addition of co-instructors). In addition, every year the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and the Associate Dean for Faculty Development jointly conduct a teaching workshop for adjunct faculty. The workshop covers applicable policies and resources (e.g., grading, scheduling, Blackboard), reviews issues that commonly arise in evaluation of adjunct courses, and offers an opportunity for adjunct faculty to compare notes and share ideas and techniques.