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40 Years, 40 Faces

January 29, 2021
Law school hosts Virginia Poverty Law Center exhibit

The University of Richmond School of Law is proud to host the Virginia Poverty Law Center’s “40 Years, 40 Faces” exhibit for the Spring 2021 semester. Originally launched in 2018 to celebrate the VPLC’s 40th anniversary, the photographic exhibit shares the stories of 40 clients served by the legal aid organization.

Photographer Glen McClure and writer Marshall McClure worked with curator Jeffrey Allison to produce the exhibit. “This exhibition creates the opportunity for a conversation about what it means to be poor in the 21st century,” wrote Allison. “The inherent integrity projected from each image asks us not only to pause and look each individual in the eye, but to carry these conversations out into the world and work to ensure that they become documents of a past no longer experienced by any citizen of Virginia or beyond.”

The portraits hang throughout the Muse Law Library at the University of Richmond School of Law. “We hope these portraits help remind us of the people across the Commonwealth of Virginia who benefit from access to justice and legal services,” wrote Roger Skalbeck, Associate Dean of Library & Information Resources, in a recent blog post.

Learn more about the exhibit, or view our unboxing video for a preview. 

Photography by Glen McClure.